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Solana Marketplace to Herald Ethereum NFTs

Following the footsteps of Magic Eden by going multi-chain, the famed energy-efficient Solana marketplace,, is growing its family of digital assets, welcoming Ethereum NFTs on August 1 — but primarily focusing on art.

Quick Takes:

  • Solana marketplace will soon embrace Ethereum-based assets.
  • The platform will highlight numerous new artists as a consequence, including Patrick Amadon and Amber Vittoria.
  • Ethereum currently leads the NFT market, strengthening’s position in the NFT arena.
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Bridging Blockchains for an NFT Showdown

Artists often add blockchains to better market their works. By going multi-chain, will soon concurrently leverage two large NFT ecosystems, assisting toward the platform’s primary goal of becoming a digital art world centerpiece. 

The Solana-Ethereum mashup will highlight numerous Web3 artists, including the renowned Ethereum-based artists Patrick Amadon from Sotheby’s ‘Glitch Art’ sale and artist Amber Vittoria.’s multi-chain venture is a tactical move. Ethereum currently leads the NFT market with a 24-hour trading volume of $10.2 million, thus has the ability to strengthen’s stance in the NFT world. Solana lags with an around-the-clock trading turnover of $920,000.

Inception to Ethereum Integration

Since launching in 2021, has brought 16,000 Solana-based artists to its hub of digital delights, amassing an impressive $13 million in sales.

Showcasing commitment to protect artists’ interests, spurred mainly by the vague territory of royalty payments, launched a royalties protection standard, ensuring ongoing earnings for creators across different sectors.

Moreover, the platform debuted Code Canvas in March, a spin-off platform to aid Solana-based curators in minting generative art collections.

Now on a mission to expand its target market,’s blend of two significant digital art ecosystems will offer an array of options for artists and collectors alike, playing a pivotal role in the future of NFT trading, with more auctions, offers and editions coming soon!

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